Leading Happy Workplaces – The Future of Employee Engagement & Productivity

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    September 6 @ 9:00 am - 5:35 pm

    Humanity has always strived for happiness in life and the idea of being happy at work seems alien to many employees. Coming across someone loving their job in corporations (not just liking it) is truly rare. When was the last time you heard someone say “I can’t wait till Monday!?” How can we truly bring our best effort to work if we really rather not be there?

    If happiness comes from within, then what is the role of the leader? Does making employees happy make the leader happy? If money can’t ensure the happiness of employees then what will?

    With only 30% of our workforce truly engaged, along with an increase in complexity and uncertainty brought about by constant change in business, the concept of happiness at work has become critical to improving engagement and thereby productivity of organisations.

    With productivity taking centre stage in business, could happiness be the silver bullet leaders are looking for? It seems only logical that we should be more productive when we are happy, but what does happiness mean for leaders, their teams and the organisation?

    Leaders have an important role to play in creating the right environment for their teams to ensure they are passionate about their jobs and love what they do. As leaders, how can we empower employee by aligning their skills and passion to create highly engaged teams?

    Join the conversation with cutting edge thought leaders who are bringing a fresh perspective to employee engagement and productivity



    How is this event different?

    •  The day is focused on having a conversation with thought leaders versus them presnting
    • • Attendees have a chance to discuss the content presented in a group discussion at their table
    •  Your team can come together for a day to discuss how to impplement the ideas in the context of your organisation
    •  Each thought leader will be in discussion with our Chair, Clair Devlin, GM Capability, Leadership Talent, Telstra


    9:00am: Welcome
    Muneesh Wadhwa – Foundermuneesh-wadhwa
    Humanity in Business


    9:10am: Rewire your brain for happiness

    Sarah McKay – Neuroscience Academysarah mckay

    In this session, Sarah will provide an quick introduction to neuroplasticity and introduce a six-step model you can apply to master a new skill or make a change in your behaviour. Sarah will also provide practical tips in regard to the daily habits you can instill to optimise brain function and wellbeing.

    9:30am Table Discussion

    How can you use the six step model to change a behaviour or learn a new skill in your team?

    9:50am: What can we learn from the Bhutanese Gross National Happiness?

    Meg Hart – Hart & Mind Associatesmeg-hart

    Happiness is a hot topic. Variously described as a state of mind, an inalienable right, a self-fulfilling virtue and a bottled commodity (dispensed by Coca-Cola Happiness Machines), it is perhaps the most defining and elusive of human aspirations.
    Most of us want to be happy (and avoid pain), but what is happiness and how do we come by it?
    The year I spent working in “the world’s happiest country”, Bhutan, gave me the opportunity to explore some of the practical applications of happiness to work, collaboration and societal wellbeing.
    In this interactive session, we’ll look at Bhutan’s quest for “gross national happiness”, the science behind current happiness research and the question: What’s happiness got to do with workplace wellbeing and productivity in Australia?

    10:10am: Happiness is an inside job – how can mindfulness help

    Timothea Goddard – Opengroundtimothea goddard

    Mindfulness is everywhere and there is a lot of hype (and some evidence) about it’s capacity to transform stress, and increase happiness, improve productivity, enhance leadership and contribute to creativity and innovation. But there are some challenges in transporting this ancient practice and theory into workplaces to increase productivity and happiness. Let’s talk about it!

    10:30am: Table Discussion

    How can we encourage more mindful practices within the organisation?
    10:50am: Morning Tea

    11:20am: Happiness at work is a serious business. Are we emotionnally bankrupt?

    My Holland – EQ at Happiness Quotientmy holland

    In this session, we will explore why happiness at work is a serious business. It’s about how employees feel and are valued. Do we want to be driven by stress and negative emotions or by optimism and enthusiasm? Happiness at work is measurable and has strong links to engagement and productivity. It provides a win win to employers and employees.

    11:40am: Table Discussion

    Does the team feel valued for the work they are doing? Is stress impacting productivity? How are we coping with workload?

    12:00pm: Happy Leaders = Happy Teams.
                        What does it take to be a Happy Leader in a large and complex organisation?

    Open Discussion with Attendees Moderated by Tim Mullen, Co-Founder, Job Vibe
    Andy Fell, GM Westpac Premium, Westpacandy




    Julie Hunter, MD Institutional Markets, CBAjuile
    How do leaders motivate themselves?
    How do they balance personal and business priorities?
    How do they stay true to their values in a complex stakeholder environment?
    How can leaders be authentic and vulnerable and still inspire their teams?

    12:20pm: Lunch

    Eating mindfully session | Timothy Goddard – Openground (20 minutes)

    We can bring mindfulness to every single activity in the day – which is excellent for busy people. Before we have lunch we will explore a short eating meditation – to give us a slow, unhurried taste not only of a delicious piece of fruit, but also a taste of the essence of mindfulness: paying attention,on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.

    1:20pm: The Business of Laughter – How to laugh all the way to the bank.

    Merv Neal – Holistic Services Groupmerv neal

    In this interactive (and funny) session, Merv will share the results of his research study that he did with Deakin University to determine the psychological impact of laughter on people in business. The outcomes will astound you. He will also present the 7 areas of Holisitic Health and how laughter has a positive impact on all of them. Merv’s presentation always concludes with some laughter excercises for the audience to experience first hand.

    1:40pm: Table Discussion

    How can you and the team have more fun in the office?

    2:00pm: Minding your Mindset

    Lucinda Gannon- The Positivity Institutelucinda

    Your mindset has an impact on how you and those around you think, feel and behave. Your mindset can change and you have the power to change it. Having a growth mindset brings about many benefits such as improved performance and better mental and physical health. We will discuss some tips and techniques to build a more positive mindset.

    2:20pm: Table Discussion

    What can we do to create a more positive mindset at work?

    2:40pm: Morning Tea

    3:00pm: A Happy Culture as a Competitive Advantage

    Simon Rountree – Camp Qualitysimon
    Interactive Workshop

    In this practical workshop, Simon Rountree shares how culture is truly the only competitive advantage a business has and by taking this philosophy, Camp Quality has gone from being close to bankrupt to being ranked as the most trusted children’s charity in Australia. He will outline how Camp Quality has given its stakeholders the tools and skills to become more optimistic and resilient which has led to an innovative and empowered organisation that grows from strength to strength. He will be sharing these tools with you so you can leverage them within your organisation

    3:40pm: A Culture that Fosters Well-being in the Workplace

    Srilatha Reddy – Google APACsrilatha
    Organisation culture has a strong bearing on driving well-being outcomes for employees. Google’s cultural under-pinnings creates an environment that naturally fosters employee well-being.

    4:00pm: Table Discussion

    What can you do to create a bigger focus on well-being in the workplace?

    4:20pm: Leading Purposeful Teams for Sustainable Engagement and Happiness

    Suzanne Mercier, Purpose to Profitsuzanne
    Interactive Workshop

    The key to growing healthy, happy and productive cultures lies in the hands of leaders. They impact every measurable dimension of business. Leaders can inspire or limit the engagement of their people through their own leadership approach and style. Finding your Purpose for leadership is the path to inspiration and the highest levels of engagement. Helping your people identify their team Purpose and embed it in their day-to-day activities is the key to them finding fulfilment in their work leading to happiness, resulting in high performance. Learn how to bring your team alive with Purpose and Vision.

    5:00pm: The Role of Compassion in Leading Happy and Engaged Teams

    Open Discussion with Attendees:
    Neil Thompson, ex CEO, Virgin Velocity,Neil




    Claire Devline, GM, Leadership, Talent & Capability, Telstraclaire
    What does compassion look like in the workplace?
    How can we cultivate it?
    Why is it important for team engagement and happiness?

    5:30pm: Closing Remarks

    Muneesh Wadhwa, HiB

    5:35pm: Celebratory Drinks

    What is Humanity in Business?

    We are a movement that supports leaders to create purposeful businesses. We believe the purpose of business is to make the world a better place. And to create a purposeful business that addresses challenges faced by humanity, we need to first create a highly engaged culture. Our mission is to support leaders with the thought leadership needed to help their employees be the best they can be and create future leaders who are passionate about creating more human organisations.

    Muneesh Wadhwa, Founder, Humanity in Business



    $450 +GST
    $650+GST for 2 attendees.
    Team Table $2400+GST for table of 8
    (includes allocated facilitator, branding on our website, event flyer, table with signage)

    All ticket sales support Camp Quality. Helping create a better life for children living with cancer 0-13years. Individual sales will incorporate a $50.00 donation back to Camp Quality and team tables will incorporate a $100.00 donation. The money raised from the ticket sales of Leading Happy Workplaces will ensure 2 families are supported for a year providing the best quality of life by bringing them back together as a family, connecting them with others on a similar journey and most importantly empowering them with the joy, hope and optimism that has them

    (If budget is a challenge, please drop us an email and let us know how much you can justify)


    Corporate Thought Leaders

    Claire Devlinclaire

    GM Leadership, Capability & Talent, Telstra
    (Conference Chair)
    Happiness at work for me is knowing I am making a difference and its worth all the small hurdles because there is a greater good/ a cause that I am personally contributing to, that has impact and longevity.
    Knowing I am growing, learning being stretched and challenged.
    Knowing people in my team are motivated and working to their full potential because they “want” to not because they have to.
    Knowing I can spend time with my two girls and that I am still a respected mum and leader at the same time. I can juggle well – given the chance.
    We asked them what happiness at works means to them rather than having their bio! For more info on their background, click on their names to go to their LinkedIn page.

    Andy Fellandy

    GM, Westpac Premium Banking

    ”Happiness at work emerges from a contented and fulfilled inner state- personal health and wellbeing accounts for so much in life. I want to feel fantastic each and every day and I am lucky enough to have a choice. Every day I choose my attitude and decide to have a great day. My ideal performance state is one I describe as ‘relaxed excellence’- achieving greatness whilst being in a wonderfully happy and positive performance zone”

    Julie Hunterjuile

    MD, Institutional Bank

    ”Happiness at work is an environment where everyone uses their strengths in support of the organisation’s goals and to assist each other to succeed.”

    Neil ThompsonNeil

    ex-CEO, Virgin Velocity

    ”Happiness for me is the ability to live in authenticity, or congruence, in all parts of life. An important part of that is removing the all-too-common separation between “work’ and “life’.”

    Srilata Guntakasrilatha

    Health and Well-being
    Program Management (Asia-Pac), Google

    ”Happiness at work for me is driving programs that has a real positive impact on Googlers (google employees) and their families – ‘Health Happy Googlers’.”

    Thought Leaders

    Sarah Mckaysarah mckay

    Neuroscience Academy

    Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist and science writer who specialises in translating brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for health and wellbeing. Sarah is the director of The Neuroscience Academy, which offers online learning and in-person trainings that focus on applying neuroscience to life and work.

    Dr McKay completed a MSc and PhD in neuroscience at Oxford University and she sums her PhD thesis up as: ‘Nature, Nurture or Neuroplasticity?’ After five years at the lab bench conducting brain research, Sarah worked up the courage to hang up her lab coach and pursue a career teaching others about the mind and brain. Now she lives on
    the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia with her husband and together they are raising two little surfer dudes.

    Meg Hartmeg-hart

    Hart & Mind Associates

    Meg is an experienced organizational consultant, international facilitator and leadership coach. She has worked with major companies, their leaders and teams throughout Australia and the Asian region for over 25 years providing coaching and training in executive leadership, synergistic cross-cultural team collaboration, skills for managing complex change and reflective mindfulness-based practice to enhance concentration, relational intelligence and ethical decision-making. She has recently returned from Bhutan where she worked for the Royal Government on the New Development Paradigm project, utilising her cross-cultural skills to help facilitate an international collaboration between 70 experts in fields such as ecology, economics, social psychology, architecture and policy-making, to produce a report for the United Nations’ post-2015 development agenda. She has also worked as the Director of Consulting at The St James Ethics Centre, and earlier, designed and delivered leadership and corporate responsibility programs for Cathay Pacific, HSBC, Esprit, UNEP and other international organizations.

    Merv Nealmerv neal

    Holistic Services Group

    Following a work-related life threatening health issue in 2002, Merv found out firsthand the importance of Being Well, or Well being, at work. As Director of Holistic Services Group and the CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia and New Zealand, he travels the world speaking to a variety of groups about the importance of looking after your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health at work, and at home.
    He is presently working with the Victorian Health Industry, Department of Innovation, The CEO Institute, and The Executive Connection (TEC) to name just a few.

    Lucinda Gannonlucinda

    The Positivity Institute

    Psychologist with over 10 years corporate experience in Melbourne and Sydney. Lucinda has spent the past 8 years working as a Senior Consultant in an in-house Organisational Development team for a global technology and innovation company. Her focus was to address issues of culture, climate, morale and engagement and to support the development of a high performing culture which supported business performance.
    Recent projects have included designing and implementing a Positive Leadership program to Executives and Managers in Australia and New Zealand. She has also designed and delivered workshops on specific Positive Psychology topics to help Managers and Executives embed new behaviours in their work. Topics included VIA Signature Strengths, Mindset, positive emotions and positive relationships, Learned Optimism, Energy and Attention and Mindfulness Meditation.

    TImothea Goddardtimothea goddard


    Timothea Goddard is recognised as a pioneer in bringing MBSR to Australia over the past 12 years and is an accredited teacher through the Center for Mindfulness, UMass Medical Center, USA. She is the founding Director of Openground – an Australia-wide network of clinicians and teachers offering MBSR and related mindfulness programs, workshops and retreats for individuals, organizations and schools.

    Timothea has worked in private practice for 28 years as a psychotherapist and educator. She also works with organisations to design and implement mindfulness based programs for stress reduction, leadership and innovation. In 2013 she co-founded founded the Mindfulness Training Institute – Australasia and is involved in teacher training of mindfulness teachers in the region. She is passionate about pedagogy and is actively involved in the process of creating an international network of teacher training organisations to care for integrity and standards.

    My Hollandmy holland

    EQ at Happiness Quotient

    My is a social entrepreneur, positive psychology, happiness at work and emotional intelligence assessor-consultant. She believes that bringing well-being to work will benefit not only our workplace but also our wider community. She believes in ethical living, conscious capitalism, kindness and empathy on a daily basis: at work and on a personal level. She has refocused her management and lecturing skills towards helping corporates to be productive and efficient in a kind and caring environment. She has worked with Macquarie University, Westpac, NSW Health, TAFE to name a few.

    Simon Rountreesimon

    CEO Camp Quality

    Since joining Camp Quality in 2000, Simon has moved the organisation to adopt a unique organisation culture built around optimism, resilience, fun and wellbeing which has enabled it to grow its program delivery to over 225,000 children per year, increase revenue and staff, whilst decreasing the cost of administration to a very low ratio. Along the way Camp Quality has won the 2011 PwC Transparency Award for the Not For Profit Sector and is currently ranked the most reputable children’s charity in Australia in AMR’s charity reputation index.

    Suzanne Merciersuzanne

    Purpose to Profit

    Suzanne helps organisations, leaders and managers find their purpose – their highest motivation and their unique contribution and then deliver on it. Along the way, we work out who they truly are, what they want to achieve, what stands in the way of that and how we can move them beyond those limitations. She helps them engage and inspire people to make their unique contributions. The workplaces we create together are connected, authentic, respectful and diverse.


    MORE INFO : http://humanityinbusiness.com.au/

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