Why Set Up Your Business in Australia?

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    Australia has enjoyed outstanding economic performance for years. It is one of the few developed countries to have escaped the global financial crisis of 2008. French companies sometimes forget to consider this unique country as a serious business prospect, preferring to set up or export to countries that are geographically closer. However, distance is not synonymous with complexity or lack of opportunity. Indeed, this often under-estimated English-speaking country has a truly exceptional economic situation, making for a wealth of possibilities for companies that choose to set up there.

            Solid and uninterrupted growth for more than 25 years (3.3% growth on average since 1990 and growth of 2.4% in 2016)

            GDP per capita high (5th in the world)

            High purchasing power (gross average salary in Australia twice as high as in France)

            Rich and abundant middle class (40% of households earn more than €100,000 gross per year)

            Unemployment rate that makes other OECD countries jealous (5.6% in Q1 of 2017)

            Inflation close to its target (1.3% in 2016)

            Public debt low and under control (28.6% of GDP)

            An opening to the Asian market (7 of  top 10 exporting countries of Australia are Asian)

    Once the psychological barrier of distance has fallen, a whole universe of business opportunities opens up to entrepreneurs in search of new and prosperous markets. You will also quickly realise that Australia is not just a vast country of orange-red dust but a veritable gold mine.

    Economic Stability
    The only developed country to have had uninterrupted economic growth for 26 years (3.3% on average since 1990)

            Strongest economic growth in developed countries (forecast growth of 2.6% in 2017)

            13th world economy

            Abundant supply of mineral and energy resources

    Attractive Business Environment

            More than 22,000 foreign companies are already registered in Australia

            Ease of business creation and set up

            Low corporate income tax (max. 30%)

            The most educated, multicultural and multilingual workforce in the world

            1 of 5 Australians in Sydney and Melbourne comes from Asia

            Australia is well positioned to be a commercial and financial base for companies looking to trade with Asia

            Customs Duty tax of 0-5% on most goods

    Politically Stable, Transparent Regulatory System

            Strong, sound and adaptable to global change

           0 political risk (Coface)

            Public debt 30% lower than that of France (2016)

           Corruption lower than France (Australia #13, France #23) (2016)

             Quality of life - 2nd in world on HDI (France 22nd) (2016)

    Growing, Wealthy Middle Class

           5.6% unemployment in Australia in 2016 (10% in France)

           GDP per capita 5th in the world and 2nd for G20 countries

            Average monthly earnings of an Australian (Full time): €5,102 against €2,957 in France (2016) with lower employer contributions

           Low GST (=TVA) (10%)

    Relationship with France

           38 of CAC40 companies are already trading in Australia

            90,000 registered French nationals in Australia & 15,000- 30,000 non-listed (2016)

           Brexit - a strategic upheaval for Australia, which failing to count on the UK, now looks to make a new direct link with Europe

           The first visit of a French president in 2014 accelerated regular visits of French corporate delegations to Australia, in particular the MEDEF International delegation

           Boom of supply chain since signing of the DCNS contract in South Australia by Australian  Federal Government (€34 billion)

           Country that is very culturally oriented towards Europe (and not just to the UK)

            1M  Australian tourists go to France every year

            French is the second most-learnt foreign language at school in the majority of Australian states.


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