Celebrating 125 Years - Le Courrier Australien Anniversary Collector's Edition

Published for the first time in Sydney on 30th April 1892, Le Courrier Australien has been the longest running foreign language newspaper in Australia. It is a bilingual news source, providing the community with updates on the latest news in both English and French.

Le Courrier Australien has been fundamental in integrating the French speaking community in Australia while simultaneously exposing the Australian community to French language, culture, philosophy and lifestyle for over 125 years. Le Courrier Australien is now the leading online media for French speakers and Francophiles across Australia.

Collector 125th Anniversary Book
To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Le Courrier Australien, we have decided to publish a collector’s edition.

The book will show the best or most important covers/articles from Le Courrier Australien since its launch in 1892. Readers will revisit the history and the importance of the French-Australian Community throughout the past century with, for example, its major role in the resistance during the World War II in the Pacific. The Magazine will be prefaced by prestigious guests.

Volunteering: Get involved

Le Courrier Australien is also looking for volunteers to help make the archives collection more accessible. Most of the projects involve working with original records.  Indexing and listing requires data entry in an Access database.  Training and supervision is provided.

Support us

To finance this project, we need your support and we are offering the opportunity to buy a page of sponsoring.
Contact us:  francois.vantomme(@)lecourrieraustralien.com

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