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Welcome to our new Corporate Member: CyberSolve IQ


Providing affordable cyber security solutions for SME’s with a focus on helping employees minimise cyber threats.

With a focus on the employee and human elements of risk minimisation, CyberSolve IQ has developed an innovative range of cybersecurity solutions to help companies provide their staff with cybersecurity training and support.

Research shows that no matter how committed business owners are to minimising cyber risk, it’s employees that represent the first line of defence against cyber-attack.

Their goal at CyberSolve IQ is to not only educate employees but also maintain engagement and vigilance.

By creating a team approach to cyber-attack mitigation, businesses form a stronger, more impenetrable defence against the ever-increasing volume of cyber threats.

This combination of cyber risk strategy and industry experience has helped to create a range of service offers for SMEs that are:

  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Cost-effective Flexible to suit all businesses and their IT
  • Staff-focused
  • Based on the most current cyber risk information
  • Rich in information written in plain English
  • Supported by accessible, leading-edge consultants

The key players behind the cybersecurity solutions offered by CyberSolveIQ are all business owners in their own right, understanding exactly what it’s like to run your own business. Unlike most other cybersecurity services companies, CyberSolve IQ uses highly trained human analysts to review your business and operations, not just robots.

The team promises:

  • Cybersecurity solutions tailored to the client's situation
  • Access to global knowledge and best practice
  • Easy-to-implement, user-friendly protective measures
  • Support systems to maintain mindfulness and safer behaviors
  • Peace of mind

Co-Founders of CyberSolve IQ Chris Ruff and Patrick Baker, bring together decades of experience in Intelligence and Communication respectively, have directly observed the constant challenge of ensuring staff engagement for cyber security. Their passion for security lies today in the company they have developed, and the passion put towards every project.

Website: CyberSolve IQ

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