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Welcome to our new Corporate Member: OneGlobalVenture

OneGlobalVenture is a private equity group focused on infrastructure investments and ecosystem development.

FACCI would like to extend a warm welcome to their new Corporate Member: OneGlobalVenture.

OneGlobalVenture delivers value through the commercialisation of innovation, strategic market access, global market advisory, multilateral trade and investment facilitation, collaborative product development, and capacity building focused on: Med Tech; Food Tech; Ag Tech; Fin Tech; Sport Tech; Big Data; Sustainable Energy; Space Economics; Aviation; Critical Infrastructure Development and Risk Management; Fashion, Film & Design; Education; International Governance and Global Philanthropy.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with offices in the United States and China, the OneGlobalVenture Group is comprised of four primary entities: OneGV Advisory, OneGV Investments, OneGV Products and OneGV Philanthropy.

These entities work synergistically to optimise the demand and supply economics and psychographics in different countries, regions and jurisdictions.

Website: OneGlobalVenture

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