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Welcome to our new Corporate Member: VINCI Construction GeoInfrastructure

VINCI Construction GeoInfrastructure manages major infrastructure projects in France and abroad, contributing to mobility and climate resilience.

VINCI Construction GeoInfrastructure, a long-standing and recognized entity specializing in earthworks, is a designer-builder of major infrastructure projects in France and abroad. VINCI Construction GeoInfrastructure, and its Australian registered subsidiary Vinci Construction Terrassement Australia (VCTA), is a part of the larger VINCI Group, which is a global player in concessions, construction, and energy businesses.

As a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, the company, and its subsidiaries such as VCTA, has integrated a diverse range of skills and expertise required to manage the entire project value chain. This unique knowledge, combined with its global operational capacity, provides a comprehensive understanding of projects from conception to completion. At every stage of its projects, VINCI Construction GeoInfrastructure ensures operational excellence, with a steadfast commitment to environmental, social, and societal performance.

Specializing in earthworks for major infrastructure projects, the company focuses on eco-conscious solutions that consider the existing environment of sites and involve stakeholders in decision-making processes.

Its projects, which include linear works (highways, railways, canals), reservoirs, dams, and energy facilities, contribute to mobility and climate resilience. The company prioritizes soil reuse to minimize its environmental impact, reflecting its dedication to responsible practices.

The team at VINCI Construction GeoInfrastructure shares a passion for creating projects that make a positive impact, embodying the company's values wherever they operate.

Website: VINCI Construction GeoInfrastructure


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