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Welcome to our new Small Business member: Healthy Environs

Healthy Environs is a management consultancy that partners with forward-thinking business and government leaders to develop resilient organisations.

Leaders often need additional support to achieve their vision for the people they sustain and serve in workplaces and communities across Australia. Healthy Environs is trusted by business owners and government agencies to help them innovate, be respected and remain relevant in a changing world.

Their management and government consulting experience spans decades and sectors, including health, community development, and environment. They are skilled at connecting community leaders, government stakeholders and business representatives to manage social investment initiatives or to enhance policy.

The Healthy Environs team is small enough to care and big enough to apply diverse thinking to new challenges or provide a fresh take on old ones. Their work takes them across the country to work on projects such as:

  • Community and stakeholder engagement 
  • Social investment strategy and partnerships
  • Strategic planning and grant management
  • Community strategies - health and access and inclusion
  • Aged care sector support and active aging plans
  • Sustainability strategy and nature accounting
  • Management consulting – governance and operational reviews

Technical capabilities aside, Healthy Environs' clients compliment them on how well they listen, the quality and candour of their advice, and the way they make their work a priority.

From designing sustainability tools to help local government monitor their environmental progress, to assisting businesses with community, stakeholder or government engagement, Healthy Environs puts people at the centre of everything they do.

The Healthy Environs team strives to be the trusted partner you will turn to whenever your project requires more time and expertise than you have to achieve on your own.

To learn more, contact:

Sally Modystach

Owner and Managing Director




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