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Welcome to our new Small Business Member: Paulmara Estates

Discover the award-winning modern Australian wines of Paulmara Estates, produced in the Barossa Valley wine region.

Established in 1999 by Paul and Mara Georgiadis, Paulmara Estates is a testament to their shared passion for fine wine and commitment to family values. The journey began with Paul planting the first vines on their Marananga home block in 1995, laying the foundation for what would become a celebrated winemaking enterprise. In 2011, Paul and Mara expanded their vision by acquiring Paradigm Vineyards in partnership with like-minded friends, thus combining two exceptional vineyards under the banner of Paulmara Estates.

The heart of Paulmara Estates' winemaking philosophy is rooted in family and shared stories. Their inaugural wine, 'Syna' - a name derived from the Greek word for 'together'—embodies Mara's Californian heritage, Paul's Greek roots, and their mutual dedication to crafting exceptional wines. This blend reflects the union of two distinct backgrounds and a deep-seated love for winemaking.

Paulmara Estates' portfolio showcases award-winning modern Australian wines - red, white, and rosé - crafted with precision and passion. Beyond exceptional wines, the estate offers tasting workshops and operates the Paulmara Vine2Wine Club, providing wine enthusiasts with exclusive access to discounted selections delivered directly to their doorsteps.

With a commitment to quality and a narrative deeply rooted in family heritage, Paulmara Estates exemplifies excellence in Barossa Valley winemaking. Each bottle tells a story, a testament to the shared journey of Paul, Mara, and their collaborators.

Website: Paulmara Estates

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