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Astleys Knives is crafting Culinary Masterpieces with Passion and Precision

In the heart of Port Elliot, South Australia, Astleys Knives is carving its own niche in the world of artisanal craftsmanship, blending tradition with innovation to produce exquisite, handcrafted knives. Founded by Phil Astley, a masterful artisan with a passion for the art of knife making, the company is committed to creating some of the finest kitchen, chef's, and utility knives in Australia.

Astleys Knives was born out of Phil's life-long love affair with handcrafted knives. The journey began when he established the Hill Street Shed workshop in August 2019, driven by a desire to delve into the world of knife making. His dedication led him to an informal apprenticeship with Baz Gardner in the Barossa Valley, setting the stage for the creation of knives that would become synonymous with quality and artistry.

Knives, as one of humanity's earliest tools, embody simplicity in principle yet complexity in craftsmanship. At Astleys Knives, these blades are not just tools; they are functional art. Phil Astley emphasizes the synthesis of usability, ergonomics, and aesthetics in every knife produced. Each knife is a testament to the commitment to creating pieces that work efficiently, feel great to hold, and look stunning. Furthermore, Astleys Knives believes in longevity, aiming for knives that can be passed down through generations, enduring for at least a century.

Astleys Knives not only produces exceptional blades but also seeks to share the art of knife making with the community. The company hosts knife making workshops, allowing enthusiasts to experience the joy of crafting their own chef's knife under the guidance of Phil Astley. 

In the world of Astleys Knives, it's not just about the blades or the artisan; it's about elevating the culinary experience. A sharp, handcrafted, ergonomically designed knife transforms cooking from good fun to absolute joy. Astleys Knives is not just crafting knives; they are crafting culinary masterpieces, inviting all to savor the pleasure of preparing food with precision and passion.

Website: Astley Wright Knives 
Instagram: astleysknives 
Facebook: astleysknives

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