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Welcome to our new Start-Up Member: Bits-core

BITS-Core Pty Ltd is an Australian sovereign software cybersecurity company.

Bits-core's flagship product bits-sync is a self-healing distributed file system that both encrypts, then shreds clients' content before distributing its pieces across many computers. Bits-sync leaves nothing for hackers to find. Secure your most important information with bits-sync to protect it from ransomware attacks and industrial espionage.

The company provides unique and powerful solutions utilising their patented private blockchain platform, bits-core, across a wide range of applications, including:

  • Data Storage/Backup/Sharing
  • Logistics and Supply-Chain
  • Anti-Virus/Security
  • Internet of Things

Unlike other technology offerings Bits-core has built solution from scratch to revolutionise how people, businesses and governments manage and handle their data, network and assets.

bits-core is ultimately about preserving the control, visibility and security of data, which in turn restores ownership, accountability and protection.

bits-core is more flexible, adaptable and powerful than other solutions, and capable of integration into any existing framework without disruption to existing systems.  enable organisations to become secure and self-sufficient by delivering easy-to-use solutions to complex problems.  

Website: Bits-core

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