Welcome to our new Start-Up Member: Dutch Cargo (Bikes)

Dutch Cargo specialises in the import, distribution and retail of high-end premium and luxureous European eBikes and eCargo Bikes.

Dutch Cargo was launched in 2010 by Emmy Heikamp together with her husband Jurgen Heikamp. Emmy's vision is inspired by childhood memories of riding her bike around the magic Netherlands.

Emmy and Jurgen devoted their energy to introducing world-famous Dutch cycling culture to Australia and New Zealand.

Advocating for more sustainable and human-paced cities, Dutch Cargo's mission is to encourage urban people to trade their car for an Ebike for commutes and city travels. Their ambition is to transform the urban living experience for families and individuals alike, by introducing (light) electric vehicles, bikes, and cargo bikes as a sustainable form of everyday transport.

Ebikes are "ideally suited for day-to-day transport". The company puts forward that Ebikes produce 0 emission footprint and require negligible maintenance and running costs. They better the efficiency of travels even in congested traffic, which makes them perfect for day-to-day commuting, pick-up, and delivery in our urban centers.

The company advocates for the use of Ebikes for the following matters:

  • Environment: Electric bikes and cargo bikes play a pivotal role in bolstering environmental sustainability. By embracing these eco-friendly alternatives, individuals and businesses can significantly reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Electric bikes offer a low-carbon mode of transportation, promoting cleaner air and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Economy: Reduced operational costs compared to traditional vehicles translate into higher profit margins. The growth of the electric bike industry generates employment opportunities in manufacturing, maintenance, and related services. Moreover, decreased reliance on fossil fuels saves valuable resources and foreign exchange.
  • Sociocultural: Electric bikes and cargo bikes hold profound sociocultural significance by reshaping urban dynamics, fostering a more connected, conscious, and harmonious society.

To accommodate all budgets and needs, Dutch Cargo offers a wide range of bike options spanning from the Tern Short Haul D8 to the Urban Arrow Tender 1500. Clients can also find Wheelchair adapted bikes, Tandems, and Family Cargos to bike with little ones.

Dutch Cargo also offers leasing options, providing versatile solutions for businesses, councils, government, and organisations. In addition, they offer the "novated leasing program," which allows individuals to lease an e-bike or e-cargo bike through salary packaging.

With a workshop in Melbourne, they can also assure reliable and expert bike maintenance.

Website: Dutch Cargo

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