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Welcome to our new Start-Up member: Flight Safety Foundation BARS Program

The BARS Program provides a cost-effective and robust means of monitoring, assessing, and analysing risks associated with aviation activities.

Flight Safety Foundation is an independent, international, and impartial non-profit organization that exists to champion the cause of aviation safety. The Foundation established the Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Program in 2010 in conjunction with the onshore resource sector to provide a system of oversight for the contracted aviation sector. The Program consists of four key elements: risk-based Standards, the Audit Program, Training, and Data Analysis.

The Program has grown to support not only the onshore resource sector but government operations, humanitarian, offshore, corporate and insurance sectors in the management of risk associated with aviation activities under short- or long-term contracts. 

The BARS Program provides an efficient means of monitoring, assessing, and analysing risks associated with contract aviation. It aims to educate aircraft and RPAS operators (both large and small) and contribute to enhancing the safety standards for air operators globally. 

With major members such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Anglo American, the BARS Program has operated for 12 years, with more than 1120 audits in 45 different countries for more than 235 aircraft operators.

The collective benefit of safer air travel is a persistent incentive for individuals and institutions to put aside competing interests in favour of common goals.

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