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Fly-Wallet is a start-up Fintech company that brings digital convenience in domestic and cross border payments

Fly Wallet is a start-up Fintech Company that brings digital convenience in domestic and cross border payments, and economies of large scale in the pricing of foreign exchange. Fly Wallet has partnered with MasterCard as a Fintech Principal Program Manager and covert card issuance to accelerate, design and launch new innovative solutions in Foreign Exchange, E-Commerce and Merchant Facilities.

Fly Wallet customers gain access to the following retail products:

  • Swift onboarding
  • Top ups
  • Foreign exchange conversions at heavily discounted rates 
  • Secure payments to merchants through international and domestic transactions, ensuring safe purchases and refunds 
  • Operation and management of loyalty programs
  • Secure transfers between the customer's wallet and designated bank accounts within Australia and internationally
  • Secure transfers between wallets in any currency denomination, both within Australia and internationally

Fly Wallet similarly offers these services to their corporate customers as a white label solution, and may lease any or all of the system and hardware infrastructures to B2B clients.

LinkedIn: Ramanathan Karuppiah


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