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Welcome to our new Start-up Member: French Wine School

French Wine School combines interactive online education, tasting events and customised tours to France’s major wine regions.

FACCI would like to extend a warm welcome to their new Start-up Member: French Wine School

French Wine School is a company that loves French wine and wants to share the full story on french wine with its customers, so that they can build lifelong know-how and get more out of their wine choices in future.

This main goal is achieved through three major services:

  • Online courses: French wine courses that educate, inspire, and entertain. Their courses aren’t what you’ll find in a quick youtube search, and there’s a reason for it – They believe in taking time to understand the foundations of wine.
  • Events & Tastings: Gather with friends (or virtual ones presently) and put your wine knowledge into practice at our tastings by region.
  • Travel Experiences: They offer the possibility to wind through vineyards, meet winemakers face-to-face, and sip wine on the grounds where its grapes were grown provides a deeper understanding of that area and its wines.

Website: French Wine School

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