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Welcome to our new Start-Up Member: Macarons Recruitment Hospitality Industry

Macarons Recruitment Hospitality Industry recruits staff of all level for the hospitality industry.

Macarons Recruitment recruits staff of all level for the hospitality industry, kitchen, front of the house, house keeping, waiting staff, management, employees and executives. 
The company has a very strong presence in Europe, can bring highly qualified staff into Australia and also welcomes Australian staff who wants an experience in up market hotels and restaurants in France, Switzerland and Europe. 

Besides, Macarons Recruitment believes that good staff recruitment is first and foremost about meetings: meetings of men and women; meetings of shared values; meetings of objectives. Their recruitment service goes far beyond picking out the good CVs. The company aims to understand you, your values, and our objectives, so that they select someone who will relate to you; someone with whom you can communicate easily, someone with whom you have common ideals.

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