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Welcome to our new Start-Up member: Paris for Dreamers

Paris for Dreamers is a new bespoke travel website for those travelling to the City of Light.

The Story

In 1997, Katrina Lawrence, a beauty journalist for almost twenty years, released her first book, Paris Dreaming: What the City of Light Taught Me About Life, Love & Lipstick. At the various launch events, and on social media channels, she realised that she wasn’t the only Paris dreamer out there; untold people dream of the City of Light, which they see as their spiritual home, their happy place in this world. Having visited Paris countless times since the age of five (literally: she has lost count), Katrina decided she wanted to further share her deep knowledge of the city, and further connect with other Paris lovers, helping them to also have the dream Paris experience.


The Service

Paris for Dreamers is a new bespoke travel website for those travelling to the City of Light. In addition to a wealth of well-edited information on Paris - covering the realms of fashion, beauty, food, culture, accommodation and more - clients can order Personalised Travel Tips; simply fill out the questionnaire at check-out, and customised advice will be delivered a week later. Katrina intends to expand the service offering in the future.


The Product

To help launch her business and website, Katrina has released an ebook, Paris for Dreamers: Whimsical Walks through the City of Light’s Delights. She plans to release more products in the future.


The Mission

We can’t all live in Paris. We have our own homeland, our own reality. So Paris remains our dream. But also our touchstone — we go there as often as possible to experience beauty in this world, to recharge our spirits, to fall in love with life once more. And when we’re in Paris, we want to experience the city at its most quintessential. Paris for Dreamers is the go-to for anyone wanting the dream Paris experience.



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