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Welcome to our new Start-Up Member: SABRN Tech

SABRN is a South Australian Green-Tech early-stage company that aims to use cutting-edge technologies to benefit our planet and its inhabitants.

FACCI would like to extend a warm welcome to their new Small Business member: SABRN Tech 

SABRN prioritises the health of the person, people and the planet in a sustainable manner.

SABRN is a multifaceted innovative company, currently with two primary divisions:

  • SABRN Circular: Explores unique options in developing circular economies and sustainable business opportunities by improving recycling of non-biodegradable products.

  • SABRN Health: Develops new systems in the Medical and Surgical fields with respect to patient evacuation and extrication within the civilian environment.

    SABRN Health is currently developing remote-controlled and autonomous ‘Patient Retrieval Pods’ for evacuation of combat casualties from hostile territories in future conflicts.

Website: SABRN Tech 

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