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Savencia, Pioneering Excellence in Cheese and Dairy Worldwide

Savencia Fromage & Dairy, a global leader in dairy transformation, reported its financial consolidated sales at € 6,791 million with an increase of 3.7% at the end of December 31, 2023. This increase of € 240 million is the result of a strong organic growth of +11.6% as well as a structural effect of +2.1%. Standing at the forefront of the cheese and dairy industry, ranking as the 2nd largest cheese group in France and the 5th largest globally. This independent family-owned company is listed on Euronext Paris and specializes in crafting premium specialty cheeses, butters and creams that resonate with Chefs and consumers worldwide.

Savencia's successful global expansion strategy relies on its in-depth understanding of local tastes and customs, a rich cheese-making heritage, extensive mastery of cheese and dairy technologies and cutting-edge research on milk constituents.

As a leader in technical creams and butters, Savencia is the top choice for renowned Chefs and Pastry experts. Their excellent products such as the Corman Butter range helps to streamline the work of food service professionals, delivering consistency and stability both in taste and performance aiding high level Pastry Chefs in achieving excellence in their baking creation.

Guided by the company’s mission; “Leading the way to better food”, Savencia is also a specialist in functional and nutritional dairy ingredients that serve the food industry, infant nutrition and pharmaceuticals. Its employees are unified by a culture that inspires, guides and unites.

Demonstrating its commitment to universal principles related to human rights, working conditions, the environment, and anti-corruption, Savencia has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2003. The company annually renews its pledge and reports on its progress in its Communication on Progress.

In summary, Savencia Fromage & Dairy not only excels in delivering top-notch cheese and dairy products globally but also champions a holistic approach to business, embracing responsibility, sustainability, and a commitment to the well-being of humanity.

To discover these delicious retail products, you can find Saint Agur cheese in Coles and independent stores, Ile de France Mini Shell strawberry cream cheese in Costco Stores and Lescure butter in independent stores. Professional Pastry Chefs can order Corman Butter directly via local distributor Eustralis.

Website: Savencia

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