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YellowScan designs, develops, and builds UAV Mapping solutions for professionals that require performance, robustness, and accuracy.

Founded in 2012, YellowScan specializes in Light Detection and Ranging solutions. They develop hardware and software easy-to-use data collection tools that come with training and support from their experts. 

With a complete ecosystem of expertise, their products include embedded laser scanners, INS, GNSS receivers, and onboard computing. The hardware system is composed of an integrated, versatile and robust LiDAR system design, and the software system offers real-time data synchronization and processing, accuracy and precision, has an open format and is CAD/GIS-ready. These highly automated tools are field-tested in multiple environments worldwide and used today in various sectors, such as surveying, forestry, environmental research, archeology, corridor mapping, civil engineering and mining.

YellowScan also has sales, customer training, and support representatives around the globe. They have developed hands-on assistance, survey planning and operation, data classification, accuracy assessment, and quality control as part of their all-rounded customer support. These services are provided by a global network of over 30 representatives in Europe, North and South America, Asia,  Australia and Africa.

The organization's network is rapidly expanding through the development of business relationships with established technical firms in the UAS, remote sensing and GS industry. 

With more than 13 years of field experience, YellowScan is committed to delivering the highest performance, reliability and robustness.

Website: YellowScan

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