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Created in France by cheesemaker Jean-Claude Guilloteau in 1981, Fromager d’Affinois delights global cheese lovers with its rich and creamy cheeses.

In the heart of the Dauphiné region in Isère, France, a tale of cheese-making mastery unfolds at Fromagerie Guilloteau. With a legacy dating back to 1981, this artisanal fromagerie has become synonymous with the creation of Pavé d'Affinois, a delectable and innovative cheese that has won the hearts of connoisseurs worldwide.

The journey began when the visionary cheese maker, M. Guilloteau, embarked on numerous experiments, ultimately giving birth to the Pavé Dauphinois in a modest workshop. As the cheese gained popularity over two years in local markets, the fromagerie evolved, leading to the birth of Pavé d'Affinois and the expansion of their cheese repertoire.

In 1983, the doors of Fromagerie Guilloteau opened in Pélussin (Loire, France) marking a significant chapter in the company's history. The Pavé d'Affinois, with its creamy texture and rich flavor, became an instant sensation. Such was its success that to meet the surging demand, a second fromagerie was established in Belley (Ain) in 1989, a testament to the commitment of Fromagerie Guilloteau to quality and excellence.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2002 when Pavé d'Affinois made its way into the self-service sections of stores across France. Through meticulous research, the cheese retained its exceptional qualities in a new and convenient packaging, solidifying its place in the hearts of cheese enthusiasts who sought both flavor and ease.

The year 2012 brought a rejuvenation for Pavé d'Affinois, as the brand embraced a new logo and design. This transformation reflected the company's dedication to staying current while maintaining the timeless appeal of their beloved cheese.

Fromagerie Guilloteau proudly declares that innovation is at the core of its ethos. The brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of cheese-making, introducing new products and recipes that captivate the palates of consumers. Since June 2016, the company has been an integral part of Eurial, the dairy branch of the renowned Agrial group, ensuring a seamless continuation of their tradition of crafting exceptional cheeses.

As we savor the creamy indulgence of Pavé d'Affinois, we are not just savoring a cheese; we are immersing ourselves in the rich history and commitment to excellence that Fromagerie Guilloteau brings to every table. In each Pavé, there is a story – a story of passion, innovation, and a pursuit of cheese-making perfection that has stood the test of time.

Website: Fromager d'Affinois / Instagram: fromagerdaffinois_au

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