Mentoring Programme

How to apply?

This programme is open to any French entrepreneur / start-up who created their company in Australia or any representative of a French SME member of the French Chamber with a minimum of 1 year business.

The candidate willing to get a session with the DUO Mentoring Programme should fill in the form.

Upon the reception of this application, the French Chamber examines it and provides a Mentor that seems to match the needs of the applicant.

The future Mentee then gets in touch with the proposed Mentor and starts the programme in case of a positive match with one of them.

Confidentiality guaranteed.


A one-to-one advice programme from high-profile business executives

This initiative is an opportunity to have a Mentor (business manager and experienced senior executive) who provides volunteering services such as advice and deep insights to French startups, entrepreneurs and SME representatives who are in the midst of expanding their business in the region.

Candidates who apply, benefit from their Mentor’s professional experience, contacts and advice through one-to-one meeting for up to 12 months.

It is a 6 to 12-month renewable support based on a personal and individual relationship between Mentor and Mentee with a mutual commitment.

The commitment of Mentors is strictly personal (not a part of their company’s consultancy services, for example) and the success of the programme is based on trust, respect and confidentiality.


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