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Snow Legal, situated in Adelaide, is a boutique workplace law firm specializing in employment law, governance, workplace investigations, and training.

Snow Legal is a boutique workplace law firm that specializes in employment law as well as governance, workplace investigations and training. Their services take into account the commercial, compliance and strategic needs of their clients, without overlooking that people are at the heart of every question.

Snow Legal is led by Will Snow, a dedicated specialist employment lawyer with over 20 years of experience across Australia. He has worked in top-tier law firms and in-house roles, focusing solely on employment law. Will’s clientele spans various sectors including manufacturing, agribusiness, education, defence, community services, retail, and healthcare.

His associate Molly is specialized in employment and industrial relations law. She represents clients in diverse jurisdictions such as the SAET, Fair Work Commission, SACAT, Australian Human Rights Commission, the Federal Circuit and Family Court, and the Federal Court.

Their services:

- Advice: Snow Legal offers concise advisory services on employment matters, including contracts, policies, and Fair Work legislation. The firm handles industrial issues, compliance, dismissals, and misconduct, prioritizing clear solutions for clients.

- Safety: Guidance on Work Health and Safety laws, risk management, and educating clients on their responsibilities is provided by Snow Legal. Additionally, the firm defends against breaches and ensures compliance with regulations.

- Investigations: They conduct independent investigations for organizations, addressing complex issues. The firm advises on framing allegations and legal privilege, ensuring thorough handling of cases.

- Litigation: With extensive courtroom experience, Snow Legal represents employers in various cases, including unfair dismissal and breach of contract. The firm assists in enforcing restraints and responding to claims.

- Training: Face-to-face sessions on workplace law obligations, including bullying, anti-discrimination, and Work Health and Safety, are delivered.

- Contracts: They offer customizable templates for employment arrangements, ensuring compliance and clarity in contracts.

- Executive Support: As legal advisors, Snow Legal provides support for managing allegations and breaches affecting individuals.

Website: Snow Legal

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