Translation & Interpreting


We offer translation of personal or business documents at a competitive price

French to English, English to French

Translation of your documents in less than 72 hours*

Our translators are NAATI accredited (National Accredited Authority for Translators & Interpreters) and are accepted by all levels of government in Australia and overseas, including the Department for Immigration and Border Protection, DIAC, DFAT, law enforcement bodies, courts and tribunals.

We provide translations from French to English and from English to French for the following documents:

  • Personal documents and certificates, including birth & marriage certificates, police records, driving licences and criminal record statements
  • Diplomas, academic transcripts, reference letters, enrolment certificates and resumes
  • Medical and technical documents
  • Legal documents including contracts and patent agreements 
  • Business reports, brochures, advertising and promotional material for products & services
  • Multimedia applications and websites

*Translation time frame depends on type of document to be translated; word count & urgency required.
Please fill out the form below for an accurate quote and time frame.



We offer interpreting services for organisations and individuals who do not speak French or French speakers who do not speak English

French to English, English to French 

We are able to provide interpreters for a range of areas including business, legal, medical and technical, as well as for international trade missions and events.

All interpreters selected by FACCI strictly adhere to confidentiality provisions and a Code of Ethics, so our clients can be certain that any information shared during a meeting or discussion with an interpreter will remain confidential.

For all enquiries, please contact translation(@)


Our translators are NAATI accredited translators, and all documents are handled securely and confidentially. 

If the document(s) submitted are illegible, FACCI may require you to clearly spell out any parts of the document that are illegible or submit a clearer copy of the document. Failing that, FACCI translators reserve the right to decline the translation.

For driver’s licenses: You do not need an original copy of the translation, a digital copy is enough for Australian authorities and car rental companies. However, keep in mind that you must always keep your original French driver’s licence with you for Australian authorities. Please see your state’s government transport authority for further details about your driving rights and requirements in each Australian state. 

Please let us know if you require original copies of translated documents in advance, these can be shipped to you at an extra cost.

Nos traducteurs sont certifiés NAATI et tous les documents sont traités de manière sécurisée et tous les documents sont traités de manière sécurisée et confidentielle.

Si les documents soumis sont illisibles, la FACCI peut vous demander d'épeler clairement toute partie du document qui est difficile à lire ou de soumettre une copie plus claire du document. A défaut, les traducteurs FACCI se réservent le droit de refuser la traduction.

Permis de conduire : Vous n'avez pas besoin de la copie originale de la traduction ; une copie numérique est acceptée par les autorités australiennes (police, etc.) et par les sociétés de location de voitures (il vous suffit de l'imprimer). Cependant, n'oubliez pas d'avoir votre permis français toujours sur vous. Veuillez consulter l’autorité des transports de votre État pour plus d’informations et vérifier les règles de conduite dans chaque État australien.

Veuillez nous informer si vous avez besoin d’exemplaires originaux des documents traduits, ceux-ci peuvent vous être expédiés moyennant des frais supplémentaires.

For all enquiries, please contact translation(@)

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