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Energy & Resources

Our dedicated Industry Committee for the Mining, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors

Welcome to our Industry Committees

Each Industry Committee group fosters active engagement with members and the broader Australian and French business community through a series of targeted events throughout the year nationally. 

Activities range from:

  • panel discussions
  • site visits
  • keynote addresses
  • forums
  • networking drinks

These events provide participants with the opportunity to listen to top-notch speakers with in-depth knowledge of their specific industry. You will get a chance to keep up with the latest trends in your field and share business intelligence with peers, prospective customers, potential partners, academics, politicians and other influential decision-makers.


Why join in?

Guest speakers gain exposure thanks to these series, helping them build their organisations’ profiles within their industry and beyond.


How can I take part?

Whether you want to attend our Industry Committee events, deliver a keynote speech as an expert in a particular subject or help us organise them, we'd love to have you on board, so get in touch.



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