Operational Team

The French-Australian Chamber is a team of 10 permanent professionals dedicated to helping French companies develop their business in Australia.

Jerome Fournand General Manager
02 9099 1321 jerome.fournand@facci.com.au
Manon Cabes Head of NSW Chapter
02 9099 1320 manon.Cabes@facci.com.au
Claire Dupre Head of QLD Chapter & Head of Events
0431 691 333 claire.dupre@facci.com.au
Sybille Hugon Company Accountant
Laetitia Perrot Head of SA Chapter
0449 921 928 laetitia.perrot@facci.com.au
Paul Moing Head of VIC Chapter
0416 140 603 paul.moing@facci.com.au
Claire Sigwalt WA Events & Memberships Coordinator
Chloe Stimbre WA Events & Memberships Coordinator
0401 244 115 wa.admin@facci.com.au
Fanny Gauthier Marketing & Communication Manager
02 8076 4291 fanny.gauthier@facci.com.au
Pauline Godignon SA Events Coordinator
0416 314 380 pauline.godignon@facci.com.au
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