John WalshManaging Director, Spiecapag Australia

John is managing director of Spiecapag (Australia), a company that specialises in infrastructure construction in the oil, gas and water industry. From its headquarters in Brisbane, Spiecapag gives coverage of the Oceania region for the Spiecapag Group which in turn is part of the Vinci Group.

Spiecapag is a global player in the construction of onshore pipelines and related infrastructure. Spiecapag executes complex projects involving pipelines and related infrastructure such as stations for compression, pumping or metering, and hydrocarbon storage, as well as networks for water supply or transport of ores.

Spiecapag has been involved in several projects in PNG and is currently undertaking a project on Lihir Island. Spiecapag were the EPC contractor on the onshore pipeline part of the PNG LNG project for Exxon Mobil and prior to that worked on the construction of the Kutubu Pipeline for Chevron. In addition to these projects Spiecapag through its offices in Port Moresby, Brisbane and Paris has given technical support to many the proposed projects in PNG.

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