Michel ChapoutierWinemaker and winetrader, M.Chapoutier

Unique, unconventional, curious about everything, Michel Chapoutier’s mind has never been static. Michel is always on the move, so are his ideas, his taste and his wishes. "If I stay still, I fall." Michel is a “wine-lover” and “life-lover”, he is enthusiastic and selfless.

Michel’s wine-journey began when he was 26 years old. He became head of M.CHAPOUTIER and was not an inheritor : his choices and his vision were disruptive. He stood up against principals of the past and preconceived ideas. A wine grower? He would rather say a farmer. A man close to the earth, in a thorough quest for revealing terroirs and finding the expression of soils through the taste of wines.

He loves wine. All wines without chauvinism. He loves initiatives, innovation and boldness. He loves being with friends around a table. He hates defeatist and jaded attitudes, he has no admiration for what is uniform and lukewarm.

Sharing is obvious to him. He shares his convictions with young winemakers. Appellations (AOC-AOP) and Biodynamics are both part of Michel’s main battles. The braille characters on all the labels of his bottles remain as a symbol of his personality and of his “pionniering spirit”. Michel is a “pathfinder”, a free man in a free world… he explores tirelessly.

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