Robert SuttonManaging Director, Mirragin Consulting

Having served with the Australian Army’s premier drone unit, the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment, Rob has seen first hand the power of drone technology as a force for good.

Throughout his career in the army and broader defence industry, and then in private enterprise, Rob witnessed many organisations try and fail to implement drone technology successfully. Rob recognised that those failed projects had much in common – a mismatch between problem, technology selection, and capability; poorly defined project outcomes; or simply a lack of understanding as to how the technology integrated into the broader business plan. 

Armed with that insight, and passionate about the power of drone technology to save lives and improve organisational capability, particularly where dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks are involved, Rob created Mirragin to help organisations overcome those pitfalls and gain a new line of sight using drone technology.

Rob now enjoys helping defence, emergency services, and commercial organisations implement drone technology to improve safety, increase productivity, reduce costs, and succeed safely.

Rob’s professional certifications include:
– Fellow (FIEAust) and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) of The Institution of Engineers, Australia, and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). National Engineering Register (NER) certifications: Aerospace Engineering, , Leadership and Management.
– Australian Institute of Project Management, Registered Project Manager (RegPM) and Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD).

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