Tim Laporte and Sandra SiebFounders, Leadership Partners

Sandra Sieb and Tim Laporte are the founders of Leadership Partners. Together they leverage their training and combined 30 years-experience in former CEO roles and Tier 1 management consultancies and act as ‘thinking partners’ for their clients. They provide a comprehensive suite of leadership advisory services encompassing leadership advisory consulting, workshop facilitation, coaching programs, leadership and culture assessments as well as for the provision of bespoke solutions, using our proprietary model.

Tim and Sandra coach in a duo format, a unique approach that brings exponential advantages as it allows the balancing of masculine and feminine energy also ensuring mutual accountability and creating a space where people explore, experience and model collaborative breakthroughs.

Their work can address the complete ecosystem of the organisation: Board dynamics, Leadership Teams and Individuals. 

Their client engagements are marked by strong relationships, supported by a duty of care, openness, empathy and the utmost respect for difference.

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