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AF Brisbane introduces her Corporate Classes

Alliance Française Brisbane launches custom French courses for businesses, offering flexible scheduling and varied learning settings.

Alliance Française Brisbane has introduced specialized French language courses tailored for corporate environments, aiming to facilitate intercultural communication and strengthen business relationships. These courses are designed to enhance proficiency in French, thereby enabling professionals to engage effectively with international peers and understand diverse cultural nuances in today’s interconnected global business landscape.

The corporate classes offered by Alliance Française are customizable to meet the specific language needs of both companies and individuals. They offer flexibility in scheduling, with options for one-on-one sessions or small group settings. Classes can be conducted onsite at clients' offices, online, or at Alliance Française’s West End location.

Additionally, the program integrates cultural immersion opportunities, such as guided visits to the Micro-Folie French digital museum exhibition at QUT’s The Cube Gardens Point, offering insights into French art and culture.

For those seeking a more interactive learning experience, Alliance Française also offers themed workshops that combine language learning with exploration of various aspects of French culture. These workshops can be conducted either onsite at workplaces or at Alliance Française’s West End center.

Source: Alliance Francaise de Brisbane

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