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Alstom unveils its new brand identity: mobility by nature

Alstom’s brand signature and visual brand expression are evolving to reflect the Group’s new ambition.

Our Patron Member Alstom’s brand signature and visual brand expression are evolving to reflect the Group’s new ambition: “Be the leading global innovative player for a sustainable and smart mobility”. This new brand signature will be “mobility by nature”.

This tagline is the result of an internal poll in which more than 2,500 employees made proposals for expressing Alstom’s vision. It will replace the current signature Designing fluidity and will be supported by a complete renewal of Alstom’s visual brand expression. Both will be implemented from October 2019.

The first application of this new brand expression is a new brand film.

“Through this brand signature, we wanted to emphasise two messages. First, the fact that today we are a pure player in the mobility field. Second, to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable mobility. This new signature perfectly expresses who we are, and the new visual brand identity will allow us to bring consistency and modernness in the way we express ourselves,” said Bruno Tourne, VP Communications at Alstom.

Alstom partnered with Saguez & Partners for the brand visual expression refreshment, and with Le Septième Bureau for the brand film. The music, managed by the sound agency Start-Rec, is performed by Caesaria.


About Alstom


As a promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom develops and markets systems, equipment and services for the  transport  sector.  Alstom  offers  a  complete  range  of  solutions  (from  high-speed  trains  to  metros, tramways   and e-buses),   passenger   solutions,   customised   services   (maintenance,   modernisation), infrastructure,  signalling  and  digital  mobility  solutions.  Alstom  is  a  world  leader  in  integrated  transport systems. The company recorded sales of €8.1billion and booked €12.1billion of orders in the 2018/19fiscal year. Headquartered in France, Alstom is present in over 60 countries and employs 36,300 people.


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