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ALTIOS Group and Maier+Vidorno build the #1 international market expansion advisory firm.

ALTIOS Group and Maier+Vidorno build the #1 international market expansion advisory firm dedicated to small and mid-cap companies.

Altios and Maier+Vidorno announce they are merging their international resources. Leveraging their respective international expertise, marketing, and client management experience, with their international in-country delivery capabilities the two firms will establish end-to-end international support platform dedicated to small and mid-cap companies expanding and operating globally.

The new network - operated in-house by Altios and Maier+Vidorno - provides professional services acting as a partner to support companies at every stage of their international journey on a worldwide scale. Services including global growth strategy, partner search and venture validation, local sales and business development, accounting, payroll and tax services, HR solutions including recruitment, outsourced employment and HR advisory services, cross-border acquisition, and site location for greenfield investment.

This merger aims to create long term value for clients who believe that internationalization is a key asset for their growth strategy.

“Altios and Maier+Vidorno have a shared vision and our partnership enables us to take a big step towards achieving this. Our combined platform will add value to international companies, our partners - Banks, Investment Funds, Trade Associations, Government Agencies - and those seeking to expand their own international footprint”, says Bruno Mascart.

Source: Altios

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