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Areco Pacific launches its website

Areco Pacific, a company dedicated to enhancing and managing fresh produce departments while reducing food waste has launched its own website.

ARECO Pacific's new website is now available.

Explore the company's know-how through its commitment to sustainability, innovative solutions to preserve the freshness, quality, and nutritional value of fresh produce for longer, and its ongoing efforts to fight food waste.

ARECO Pacific has launched its own website for a specific set of reasons:

  • Adapt to the Australian market: they have developed this website to align with the specificities and preferences of the Australian market, enabling them to better meet the needs of their "local" customers and communicate tailored solutions to their expectations.
  • Showcase products specific to the Australian market: they can provide detailed information on their features, benefits, and applications, offering a dedicated platform to promote their offerings to potential customers.
  • Establish direct contact with internet users: they aim to facilitate direct communication between internet users and the ARECO Pacific teams. Visitors can now access contact details and information about the Australian teams, enabling them to obtain quick and accurate responses (no time zone difference with France anymore) without having to go through the ARECO France teams.
  • Offer local content: they have enriched the ARECO Pacific website with photos, videos, and case studies specifically related to Australia. These visual elements and local testimonials allow visitors to better envision the use of their products and services in an Australian context.

“By creating a dedicated website for ARECO Pacific, we ensure a targeted and relevant presence in the Australian market, thus addressing the specific needs of our clients while strengthening our local presence”. Robert MURA, Head Of Operations at Areco Pacific.

With this new website, ARECO Pacific wants to encourage people to stay updated with industry insights and the company's latest news.

SOURCE: Areco Pacific

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