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Atos signs contract with Australian Federal Government Digital Transformation Agency

This contract will improve public organisation’s processes in a context where data protection has become crucial.

Atos has been appointed to the Australian Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Software Marketplace to provide its solutions to public organisations to support their transition toward digital processes.

The agreement includes AMPS7, Atos’ new Australian made asset management and planning platform, and Atos’ Evidian cybersecurity solutions for identity and access management.

Mike Green, Managing Director of Atos in Australia said

“By applying predictive analytics for intelligent asset management and planning system, organisations can create value out of data at a reduced cost. In addition, protecting and managing the access to their data has become crucial. We believe Atos’ solutions AMPS7 and Evidian will enable a secure public service.”

Atos’ AMPS7 platform – Australian Made Product registered with the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) – delivers logistics support via a web-based application that can be readily integrated into legacy systems. The platform can be scaled to match the requirements of any organisation, enabling a tailored approach to project implementation, and addresses four key challenges:

  • Flexibility: cross industry enterprise asset management and logistics platform fitting the needs of organisations.
  • Operational effectiveness: management of data and resources increase productivity and ultimately decrease operational and lifecycle costs.
  • “Digital platform” readiness: mobile, able to connect to drones, IoT and Digital Twin ready, powered by digital analytics, with ERP/SAP plug-and-play and a cross application workflow.
  •  Deployability: deployable synchronisation tools and decentralized architecture to support offline service operations.

This is the fourth appointment to the Australian Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Agency Marketplace for Atos. Atos has already been appointed to the DTA Telecommunications Marketplace, the Cloud Marketplace, as well as the hardware Marketplace.

Source: Atos

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