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EY announces new innovative digital solutions

EY DEEP provides tools that help define the future of oil and gas exploration.

EY announces the launch of two digital solutions built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform — EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform (DEEP) and EY UtilityWave — designed to help energy companies improve performance, gain efficiencies and support better decision making.

EY DEEP provides tools that help define the future of oil and gas exploration. By digitally integrating key processes across the value chain — including complex well engineering, production and maintenance optimization, supply chain management and financial modeling — and using a common data model, the platform can be fully extended across the oil and gas organization, breaking down silos and reducing cycle time and overall costs.

EY UtilityWave is a leading platform for utilities that connects multiple legacy systems, new IoT devices and diverse sources of data. This helps enable the utility to gain greater visibility and control over their network, provide actionable insights and numerous opportunities to unlock real value from its network and data.

Benoit Laclau, EY Global Energy Leader, says:

“The energy system of the future will be vastly different from that of today, meaning the energy industry needs to develop different capabilities, embrace innovation and explore new technologies. The extensive industry insights of EY, combined with Microsoft’s powerful cloud technologies, has led to the development of two innovative digital energy solutions. EY DEEP and EY UtilityWave will help energy companies by enabling data-driven decisions that allow them to thrive in this new energy world.”

Çağlayan Arkan, Global Lead Manufacturing & Resources Industry, Microsoft, says:

“EY DEEP and EY UtilityWave are a testament to the EY digital transformation journey to address major industry challenges in the energy industry. The strength of our cloud technologies is in the capability and scale that allows industries to easily integrate across the value chain and become digitally enabled. Our technology provides an open, scalable platform that supports ongoing innovation, extensions and third-party application integration, giving a customizable solution that removes the constraints of other platforms and associated tools.”


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