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French Quarter Round Table

The "French Quarter" Plan seeks to work on a number of levels, from residential housing, to education programs, events and business attraction.

Creating a French Quarter (CAFQ) Plan seeks to develop new initiatives and alliances between local business and existing French business. It also seeks to welcome new French people and families to Prospect.

The creation of a French Quarter in Prospect is the aim of the Plan. The principal mechanism to implement the Plan will be joint ventures or Alliances with key local organisations. City of Prospect could sign memorandums of understanding with organisations such as Le Cordon Bleu to promote French cuisine and culture.

City of Prospect will seek to undertake both simple steps and aspirational projects to build a Franco Friendly area that benefits both communities.

City of Prospect believes that it has key assets to build a French Quarter including excellent tenancies to attract French businesses to their Town Hall Precinct. Their first step is to bring a group of key people, companies and organisations together to create a “French Quarter Round Table”.

Payinthi on Prospect Road opened in October 2019. The new $18 million building includes the new Civic Centre, Art Gallery and Library, a refurbished Town Hall and new facilities including a maker’s space. The new building has been closely developed with the local community and has been in strong demand from day one.

You can register your interest to lease Payinthi Town Hall Foyer or Town Hall Basement.

Source: City of Prospect

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