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Investment NSW announce the opening of International Landing Pad

Investment NSW announce the opening of the long-awaited International Landing Pad in the heart of Sydney one of the world’s leading startup ecosystems

Investment NSW's  International Landing Pad is an exclusive offering provided by the Government of the state of New South Wales (NSW) to support tech businesses from overseas to establish in Australia.

It is a dedicated co-working space designed to provide a soft landing in a supportive environment from where tech businesses entering the Australian market can kickstart their ventures with ease. 

The International Landing Pad is embedded within the Sydney Startup Hub, a vibrant and thriving innovation community in the heart of Sydney – Australia’s innovation capital. New South Wales is Australia’s leading startup state, offering a low-risk operating environment, with a strong rule of law, guaranteed by a stable and transparent political environment.

For more information to apply to access the International Landing Pad: Investment NSW

Source: Investment NSW

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