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Keolis Downer and the Government of South Australia Reach Milestone Agreement

The agreement sets the key principles under which the management of operations will be transferred to government in January 2025.

The South Australian Government and Keolis Downer have reached an agreement which paves the way for the progressive return of the operation of the Adelaide Metro Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN) to public hands.

This agreement is not reflective of the performance of Keolis Downer Adelaide (KDA) under its existing rail contract. It is recognised that KDA has been performing well since taking over the network. KDA will continue to deliver asset management and maintenance for the AMPRN and customer services into the future.

Keolis Downer and the South Australian Government have partnered collaboratively since the start of operations of the rail services on 31 January 2021. This partnership will continue in a different form which will aim to maintain a high-performing network while delivering benefits to the local community.

Keolis Downer CEO, Julien Dehornoy, said:

"As a public transport operator, our objective will always be to partner with governments to provide services that are safe, performant and deliver a positive passenger experience. Our people are at the heart of the successful delivery of transport services, and we will ensure they are supported as we enter this new partnership.”

This agreement outlines the principles for:

  • Keolis Downer Adelaide to return operational functions for drivers, operations control, network and timetable planning to Government by 31 January 2025. The delivery of customer service and security management functions to remain with Keolis Downer returning to Government control in June 2027.
  • Maintenance of fleet and infrastructure to continue to be managed by Keolis Downer Adelaide to 2035.
  • Keolis Downer Adelaide to continue to provide expertise to Government around future innovation opportunities for customer services and the broader rail network.

Source: Keolis Downer

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