Meet FACCI's VIC President: Dominique Giraud

Discover the interview of Dominique Giraud, President of FACCI VIC Chapter.

What is your career background?

I am a chartered engineer and have worked in the energy sector since 1997. I was 15 years in the consulting & engineering business, including for Egis and Econoler, a subsidiary of Hydro Quebec in Canada. I work for VINCI Energies since 2012 and was appointed in Melbourne 2018 to take care of the renewable energy market, with our local company Omexom Australia.


When did you join FACCI?

As soon as I arrived in Melbourne, I joined FACCI events with a great pleasure. I really enjoyed the state of mind of participants and found a dynamic business community. I became a councillor in March 2020 with the team led by Anouk Poelman, former President of the Victorian Chapter of FACCI.


What was/were the reasons/motivations for which you wanted to get involved?

In France, I enjoyed being involved in my community. I was a City Councillor between 2014 and 2018, and President of the humanitarian association CVS, prior to that. I appreciate giving some of my spare time to organise projects or events for the community in which I belong.


What are your role and mission at FACCI?

My mission as President of the Victorian chapter of FACCI, is to lead the team of Councillors with the great work of the operational team. My role is also to ensure a steady and healthy growth of the Victorian chapter in which members are proud to be part of.


What is for you, the key for success?

The key for success is first to establish a good working atmosphere with councillors and the operational team. It is important for everyone to be happy to dedicate his/her time and to participate in the organisation of successful events. The success of our Chapter will also rely on the satisfaction of our members to be part of FACCI, with quality events, good networking opportunities and close relationship with them.


What (project/event/meeting/feedback…) are you the most proud of or are you looking forward to achieve?

In 2020, I have been proud to co-organise the Energy Industry Serie “Disruption in the Energy Sector” for which we had 120 participants and amazing speakers. The Energy Café Croissant was also a great opportunity to share ideas in a more exclusive format.  


What is the most challenging/biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge for me will be to continue the growth of Victorian chapter by welcoming new members. In the past year, we grew by 24% and have now 102 members in Victoria. Our efforts will focus on ensuring that current and future members are satisfied with services and events organised.


What is the main upcoming project/event in your state?

The main upcoming project is the Tour de France Lunch 2021 which will be an amazing event with Phil Anderson, the First Australian (and first non-European) to wear the prestigious Yellow Jersey. Carol Cooke, 3 times Gold medal Paralympian and 9 times World Champion in Cycling, will also be with us for this event.

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