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New era for Adelaide's home of Immersive Light and Art

ILA news

Light ADL changes under its new identity of ILA (Immersive, Light & Art) to become Adelaide’s true centre for Immersive Light and Art.

In 2024, ILA will reshape the world of immersive art and uncover new ways for artists to become more powerful storytellers and for audiences to interact with ever-changing technology and entertainment. Home to a number of unique spaces including The Lab, a live performance and events space surrounded by 50sqm of LED screens, and The Light Room, a three-part bar, gallery and immersive studio, ILA will present an expanded program throughout the year.

Nic Mercer, ILA Chief Executive Officer said:

"The world of technology, art and how we interact with the world is constantly changing, and in 2024 ILA will evolve to a new level to be true leaders in immersive light and art in Adelaide. The creation of ILA comes at a time of tremendous advancements for artists and performers. The next generation of art is about experiencing things that catch the memory and move the soul. That’s a new age of art, a new world that ILA wants to live in”.

Explore the latest experiments at ILA’s The Light Room Studio. Host to LED screens over 10,000 pixels wide, the immersive space enables narratives to unfold around the audience and experience storytelling on a grand scale, push the boundaries to new levels

Building on its philanthropic origins as a unique social enterprise and registered charity, ILA will continue to foster excellence and innovation in the arts, entertainment, hospitality and is focused on building a destination that brings people and communities together ‘in the company of art’.

ILA is prepared to redefine Adelaide's cultural landscape and has been successfully launched.

Source: New era for Adelaide's home of immersive light and art | Australian Arts Review


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