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Nova Systems established their own 21-hectare Intelligent Ground Station Network

Intelligent Ground Station Network providing space-ground connectivity for smaller satellite operators

Nova Systems has established an Intelligent Ground Station-Network (IGS-N) on a 21-hectare site just outside of Peterborough, where they are tracking low earth orbit satellites.

As Australia continues to rapidly expand its presence in the $500 billion-a-year global space sector, Nova’s Intelligent Ground Station-Network (IGS-N) is currently providing ground station support for several international space and technology companies, with the capacity to grow further. 

The IGS-N provides vital connectivity support for the ever-increasing launch of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) small satellite missions. 

The data collected from small satellite missions can be downloaded to a client’s own terminal at the site, using their network of owned and operated antennas. 

The initiative has been designed to have the capacity to support the Government and Australian Space Agency activity out of Lot Fourteen, as well as catering for the data download needs of the ever-increasing number of satellites and constellations.  

This in-country capability will become a critical element of Australia’s space industry eco-system and has been designed for the international space market
The continued development and future success of the Peterborough site is testament to their SATCOM capability.


Source: Nova Systems

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