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NSW | Four Frogs celebrates the French Chandeleur

Four Frogs celebrates the Chandeleur, also called "Candlemas", with all their crêperies open, all day long.

The French restaurant Four Frogs is a crêperie very attached to its traditions and authenticity. 

Four Frogs is celebrating the Chandeleur on the 2nd of February! 

This celebration, also called in English Candlemas, is a tradition of devouring crêpes that harks back to the days Pope Gelasius I had pancakes delivered to pilgrims arriving in Rome. Candlemas is also considered the last feast of the Christmas season and thus, should be celebrated with the manger from Christmas and candles lit all over one’s house.

In France, it is the day of the Crêpes! It is the perfect excuse to eat a lot of crêpes. Families and friends gather for this special occasion either in a crêperie or make their own crêpes and galettes at home. A traditional French cider is also often served with the meal. 

For this years' Chandeleur, Four Frogs will have all their crêperies open, all day long, to celebrate this very special day.

Enjoy piles of crêpes for one of the most delicious traditions! 

Source: Four Frogs

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