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NSW Puts Foot on the Green Gas with Hydrogen Platform

Hydrogen hub creation in NSW will be accelerated by establishing a collaboration platform to bring together potential hydrogen users and producers.

As part of the Net Zero Industry and Innovation Program, the NSW Government has committed a minimum of $70 million to develop hydrogen hubs in the Hunter and Illawarra regions.

Energy Minister Matthew Kean said the platform is about connecting sophisticated market players with new and emerging hydrogen users to fuel the development of hydrogen hubs in NSW. Minister Kean understands the potential of hydrogen hubs and their ability to become clean manufacturing powerhouses. He recognises the urgency to move quickly, but also acknowledges that this challenge is too big for one business alone.

Matthew KeanMinister for Energy and Environment has said:

'We are bringing decision-makers and investors who want to deploy hydrogen into their businesses and industries together to help deliver hydrogen in a way that will drive scale, reduce costs, focus innovation and grow our workforce capabilities.'

Similarly, Australian Hydrogen Council Chief Executive Officer, Fiona Simon, said:

'NSW’s hydrogen collaboration platform is a great tool to drive industry development and hub creation in NSW. It will bring organisations together to collaborate on NSW’s hydrogen future.'

These hydrogen hubs will play a significant part in decarbonising our economy, while simultaneously contributing to Australia's future economic prosperity.

Website: Australian Rural and Regional News 

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