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NSW | ‘Transformation is Personal’ with Peter Fuda

The French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry was pleased to invite you to a breakfast conference with Peter Fuda, specialist in leadership.

Transformation is Personal


Organisations don’t change, people do; and leaders must go first.

We are leading in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world driven by the relentless march of new technologies, the radical disruption of traditional business models and increasing accountability to more powerful stakeholders. It’s simply never been more difficult to lead.

In this session, Peter provided the inspiration, insight and strategies for transformation and emphasized on the importance of setting even higher expectations on ourselves than we set for others. Indeed Peter made a point of showing how we judge people on their actions and accomplishments, whereas we judge ourselves on our intentions. 

Participants were left with an understanding of how to achieve greater than they thought possible, faster than they thought possible and with much less effort than they imagined. Attendees also had the opportunity to network around a delicious breakfast just before the conference.

We would like to thank Dr Peter Fuda who shared his skills and experience with our members in an exceptional, private and interactive setting which allowed guests to ask questions.  We would also like to thank Frank Ribuot, CEO of Randstadt, who facilitated this event.


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