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ONE Beyond Success explains From Employee Entitlement to Employee Empowerment

Leaders drive business outcomes and at the same time retain talent, engage & motivate their staff in the evolving hybrid & VUCA world.

ONE Beyond Success explains how exhausting/depleting, and how the reality is for leaders. They simply cannot do it on their own, it’s a short-term fix and not sustainable.

ONE Beyond Success Co-Founder, Mirjana Boznovska says:

“If we keep doing the same, we keep getting the same. We’ve gone through an unprecedented inflection point in how we work. The problem is that leaders are trying to “fix” what they perceive as a workplace problem with a redundant workplace solution. A mindset shift is needed first and foremost.

It starts with the courage to challenge the status quo of your thinking!

  • There is no workplace problem to “fix” – rather an openness of mind to challenge “how we’ve always done it around here.”
  • An evolving workplace requires an infrastructure that supports employees to BE their Best & Grow Together.
  • The role of the leader is an enabler for employees and teams to go Beyond Success.

Hybrid work is more than strategy of how people work in your office and at home

Strategy alone is not enough, even a great hybrid workplace strategy falls short when not supported by empowered behaviour and motivation. Personal buy-in and ownership are key.

Mirjana says:

"You cannot mandate behaviour; you cannot enforce motivation; you cannot impose buy-in of strategy. It has to be self-selected by each individual".

Behaviour, motivation & buy-in/ownership sit on the level of being, below the surface. This determines how employees show up, behave, and experience their work. Contrary to what our society professes, it’s the quality of our being drives the success of our doing, not more doing.

Being is what drives connection, collaboration, and belonging within teams. Being helps bridge the gap between the leader and the team. The leader will become an enabler for employees to Be their Best & Grow Together. It is an action of co-creation whereby the leader & employee feels energised & inspired.

This is a gamechanger for organisations as it shifts the workplace paradigm from employee entitlement to empowered behaviour, motivation, and collaboration.

Rather than “what can the company do for me to engage & motivate me as an employee?” the question becomes “how can I Be more engaged and motivated – what inspired action can I take?”

What qualities of being are important in our hybrid & VUCA world?

  • Resilience – change & setbacks are inevitable; the key is how do you respond.
  • Growth mindset – knowledge/skills can become obsolete very quickly; stay relevant.
  • Innovation - think outside the box for creative solutions to new & existing challenges.

You do not develop these qualities by listening to an inspiring speech or reading the workplace manual. You have to get in the driver’s seat to experience it.

Ultimately, beyond success leadership is about enabling employees to thrive and excel beyond achieving KPI’s & individual goals – “doing.” It’s about creating the opportunity for employees to become the best version of themselves.

ONE Beyond Success Co-Founder, Sonja van den Bosch explains:

“Connection is a fundamental need in all of us. We all want to Be seen, heard, and valued for who we are”.

The “new normal” is an equitable, diverse & inclusive hybrid workplace where ALL employees – no matter where they’re working are productive, engaged, and feel that they belong, says Sonja. There is a focus on individual growth and development as well as a culture of connection and belonging. 

  • At an individual level – employees challenge the status quo of their thinking and doing.
  • At the team level – open to new perspectives, deepening connection & belonging.

This is the power of One Individually, One Collectively.

Trust is the foundation for connection & collaboration in the workplace

Trusting teams to manage themselves can greatly reduce micromanagement and increase productivity.

It’s about giving employees the tools to develop greater:

  • Self-Awareness – BE aware of your Being – challenge the status quo.
  • Self-Responsibility – BE responsible for your choices – reframe perspective.
  • Self-Leadership – BE purposeful & lead from within – takes inspired action.

A hybrid workplace with a people-first approach to employee experience is more productive according to Gartner:

“Where and when work gets done will be determined by what makes the most sense to drive the highest levels of productivity and engagement.”

A study found that 55% of employees were high performers when they had choice over where, when, and how they worked, compared to 36% of employees were high performers who worked 40/hrs in the office.

There is a great opportunity for leaders who want to stay ahead of the status quo and are courageous enough to think differently. Now is the perfect time to create a work environment that supports empowered behaviour, motivation & collaboration, whereby employees are driven to contribute to the organisation’s success while also supporting their individual needs and growth – a win-win for all. We call this Beyond Success leadership.

Source: ONE Beyond Success

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