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Personnel Relocations shares Australian Business Culture and Etiquette Advice

Personnel Relocations provides tips for newcomers' first few days in an Australian company to understand what to expect and to reduce nervousness.

Personnel Relocations advices tips in a new office environment to make a great first impression:


Acting open and honest is the key to integration. Judgments are not allowed in the Australian culture. Moving country is not easy, new colleagues might not relate to that. Explaining the path is a way for them to understand and make the integration easier.


Australia is considered a classless society. They are no judgments based on job status, earning potential, or level of work performed. Respecting international moves made than judging as a foreigner, is part of Australian culture. Minding manners around everyone is a respectful way to greet a junior the same way as a senior.


Workplace health and safety are in place to find a way around it and to protect everyone. Many of the rules have come about due to accidents and often there is a history behind them. In Australia, as part of the "onboarding process", there will be rules and is not advised to choose to ignore them just because is different in another country. Australian will very often “call it out” if people are not abiding by the rules, so it is better to take it into consideration to limit the embarrassment. 


Australia is a melting pot of multiculturalism and diversity. More than three hundred national languages exist in Australia. It will not be unusual for someone to come across a person’s name that they might have never heard before and could have trouble pronouncing it correctly. Practicing the correct pronunciation of a person's first and last name is the key to being integrated and appreciated. 


Communal areas are available in most offices. There is not usually a cleaner who will clear after everyone. Each member of the company must be conscientious by keeping the workplace clean.

Everyone has a chance, including newcomers. Asking questions from the start and taking advantage of being "new" is helping to learn the culture of the new office.

Source: Personnel Relocations

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