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QLD | Bring the Eiffel Tower to South Bank

Have you always dreamed to see the Eiffel Tower but can’t go to France? It will soon be possible in Australia, right here in Brisbane.



Good luck to our Small Business member and Master Craftsman (and Compagnon du Devoir!) in metal fabrication and blacksmithing.

Laurent and Thomas are two French Master craftsmen. They originally forged their friendship during their respective studies at prestigious French University of Trades, Les Compagnons du Devoir, with finesse in both traditional and modern techniques. Their extensive training means they can construct complex and beautifully handcrafted designs.

We want to celebrate Australia’s multiculturalism, and more particularly to represent the strong relationship between Australia and France by creating a replica of the famous Eiffel Tower. This replica would be completely handmade by Thomas, a French Mastercraftsman and would represent a 1:100 scale (3:24M High) stylised sculpture of the Eiffel Tower (see sketches below). The tower has been designed specifically for ease of transportation to various venues. And it is suitable for internal or external use. 

This project is the perfect occasion to make a tribute to the Franco-Australian relationship by sharing a traditional “savoir-faire” in Australia.



If you are missing France, or a real Francophile, you will want to support this project!

Visit MullumJoinery's Kickstarter page to follow the campaign and make it happen.

Source: Kickstarter by MullumJoinery

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