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QLD | TyreStock launches a crowdfunding for Tyre Recycling 2.0

Tyrestock developed a unique tracking system to ensure your tyres will be recycled.

For too long the tyre recycling industry has been relying on good-willing. The last report from the government is without appeal: from the 50+ million tyres generated every year, only 20% of the tyres are confidently and environmentally recycled onshore, and Australia is missing opportunities in that booming industry. For that reason, our Small Business Member TyreStock took the initiative to develop the first tracking system to ensure old tyres end up in recycling plants in Australia.

When you buy a new tyre, you pay a $5 disposal fee. With the 23M tyres sold every year, the yearly contribution by consumers to the recycling industry is a massive $115M. It is time for the consumers to raise their voice and decide to work with a transparent, visible and rewarding recycling program.

TyreStok have received the Federal Government certification for their system.

Next month, they will launch their first-ever crowdfunding campaign  #wherearemytyres and they need you!

1- Engage and register your interest today on

2- Spread the word and share the video below.

3- Participate in their crowdfunding video clip.


Please watch their video and share it around you!

Source: TyreStock

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