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Queensland Symphony Orchestra launches its Health & Wellbeing Program

Following a compelling report suggesting that music offers a wide range of health & wellbeing benefits, QSO launched its Health & Wellbeing Program.

Following a report providing an overview of current literature in the field of Music, Health, and Wellbeing, Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) has launched its Health & Wellbeing Program.

According to the researchers of the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, Griffith University who reviewed the latest studies on the topic, there is compelling evidence to suggest that a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits can arise from participating in music. 

Participating in music activities can have a positive social impact, by strengthening relationships with others and fostering a stronger sense of community. It also can affect positively cognitive functions by improving memory and concentration. Effects can also be noticed at the physical level, with improved motor coordination and muscle tone, as well as at the emotional level - by helping to release stress, to better regulate moods and bringing joy to people. Music can also give people a strong sense of identity, connecting them to their community and culture, and sometime offer a sense of meaning and a feeling of transcendence.

“The importance of music can’t be underestimated. Listening to music helps improve our physical, mental and emotional health.”

said Dr Robyn Littlewood, Chief Executive, Health & Wellbeing Queensland.

Based on these findings Queensland Symphony Orchestra - in partnership with Health and Wellbeing Queensland - is committed to develop a meaningful platform to promote health and wellbeing through music in Queensland.

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand how powerful music is in our communities - I am passionate about sharing this magic with my fellow Queenslanders.”

declared Chris Freeman AM, Chair, Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

The multi-tiered, long-term program will feature partnerships across the corporate, community and research worlds, aimed at working together to better understand the power of music and delivering its benefits to the Queensland Community.


Source: Queensland Symphony Orchestra


Download QSO-Health-and-Wellbeing-Summary.pdf  (PDF • 688 KB)
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