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Routin Group shares their global success story made in France in the world of beverages

In 140 years, Routin evolved from a syrup house to a leading French authority in innovative beverages.


With ambition and agility, Routin has established French leadership in the beverage industry. Its creativity and commitment to excellence have shaped over a century of mixology and coffee blends. From innovations to acquisitions, along with its commitment to corporate social responsibility, 2023 marked the culmination of a visionary strategy, setting a new dynamic for the sector in the years ahead.

Loic Couilloud, CEO of Routin commented: 

"Since our inception, and more actively since 2018, we've been strengthening our position by ensuring the necessary diversification in the ever-evolving beverage sector. Our remarkable progress proves that we have the right approach and vision for market needs."

The creative force as a driving factor.

As experts attest, ROUTIN has left an indelible mark on the history of syrups, mixology, and coffee shops. The strong ambition of Philibert ROUTIN, its founder, still resonates and increasingly shapes the future of this ever-evolving global beverage industry. Across all continents, bartenders and baristas are becoming creators of emotions, sourcing the finest creative products to delight an ever-growing number of discerning consumers. They acclaim the 1883 brand for its creative strength, a true catalyst for intense aromatic experiences. Armed with the best ingredients, bars and coffee shops are embracing innovative trends, and successfully refreshing their menus.

French Excellence

For 140 years, this international gem has been harnessing the most advanced expertise to invent, design, and manufacture hero products: syrups like Madeleine, Popcorn, and Orchidée have expanded the creative possibilities for several generations of bar and coffee shop professionals, who experiment with unexpected flavours.

This creative leap is unique in the market because it's driven by the historical expertise of the Master Syrup Makers of the Group: the only one in the world working internally for a top international brand. In their workshop nestled in the heart of the Alps, they craft special orders, limited editions, capsules, and new flavours, constantly refreshing the collection of 136 flavours offered by the Group. From Salted Butter Caramel syrup to Satran syrup, the aromatic accuracy of the flavours relies on their keen sense of sensory analysis and aromatic blending. This complex and rare art, which they pass on to their team, also relies on the AromaSensoris: the proprietary formulation tool developed by ROUTIN to create syrups with the most faithful aromatic bouquet possible.

As a symbol of High Syrup Mastery, the Group has conquered 84 countries, with a growing market share in exports, never compromising on the recipe for its success: creativity, quality, and innovation. This success demonstrates the quintessential French agility of this Savoyard company, located in the heart of the Alps, and renowned by all the greatest international bartenders and baristas.

Stéphanie Charvoz, marketing director of Routin, said:

"During our transformation, we have strengthened our level of excellence with numerous investments in our workshop and our sensory analysis laboratory. The drink design ambassadors movement and the drink design center are asserting themselves as a hub of innovation, creation, and transmission."

The perfect taste of purées and sauces

To craft the new story of Drink Design, the group has internalized the entire production of fruit purées and sauces that enrich the creations of bartenders and baristas: a first in the market. Indeed, ROUTIN is the only French syrup maker to manufacture its own syrups, purées, and sauces in-house. This specificity is largely explained by its rare aromatic blending expertise. It's a definite competitive advantage as it ensures consistent product quality, manufacturing control, and production agility for more customization and bespoke orders.

From caramel sauce to strawberry purée, these ingredients bring multiple nuances and variations in taste, smell, and visual appeal. It's therefore crucial for every professional to source impeccable textures, intense in flavour, and with the most accurate aromatic profile compared to the reference.

In its business acceleration phase, the group plans to expand its offerings by doubling the number of flavours within the next 2 years.

A remarkable growth since 2018

The Group has achieved a growth rate multiplied by 2 in 4 years, reaching €120 million in 2023. This performance, supported by 4 subsidiaries and 240 employees, illustrates the striking impact ROUTIN is making on the market: in 2023, we witness the birth of the first French group internationally renowned for ingredients for the creative drinks industry.

Talent Incubator

To revolutionize its sector at the intersection of diverse influences, the Group has invested in bar professionals and training: the Drink Design movement, initiated by Hélène Mirallès (Master Syrup Maker at ROUTIN), Matthias Giroud (Head Mixologist), Nir Chouchana (Head Barista), Julie Rothhahn (Culinary Designer), and Mehdi Favri (Chef), under the auspices of ROUTIN, brings together leaders around a new way of practising mixology, both hot and cold. With an initial collection of stories to taste, more inspirational than ever, the Collective invites imagination and senses to break out of the glass and blur the boundaries between solid and liquid: Mademoiselle Madeleine, Vertical, or Sensations Rouges 1883 embody the new multidisciplinary skills to master in order to offer new emotional experiences.

Indeed, the Drink Design training has become indispensable to support a growing number of talents in the bar and coffee shop industry. This is the mission of the Drink Design Centre, the world's only training centre to offer a high-level certification in Drink Design: an opportunity for professionals to benefit from the latest innovations, research, and trends. This premier mixology destination also serves as a hub where experts can immerse themselves in R&D, trends, and networking opportunities.

To invigorate this collaboration with industry experts, the Group has also established an international competition: the Drink Design Contest, launched in 2019. The 2023-2024 edition sees an increase to 200 participants, with 10 local finals and a grand finale scheduled to take place at the Drink Design Centre from March 18th to 21st, 2024. This selection inspires professionals who seek global recognition. From Dubai to Seoul, mixologists are flocking to demonstrate their increasingly refined expertise.

In parallel, to support this new cocktail culture, the book "Drink Design, l’art et la passion du cocktail", published in November 2023 by Éditions du Cherche Midi, sheds light on the ambitious endeavour of mixologists and baristas: the creation of drinkable atmospheres inspired by design, painting, music, cinema, architecture, and more. It serves as a second manifesto of the Group for promoting talents in the drink industry.

The CSR approach at the heart of our actions and performance indicators

Aspiring to become a certified B Corp, the company remains faithful to its ethical values, which it extends to its entire ecosystem, both direct and indirect: from its suppliers to its distributors, and through its employees, a sense of responsibility has been established around impactful areas of improvement.

Global player in mixology

Behind this sustained development dynamic lies the ambition to transform mixology: to conceive, produce, and promote what will be the drinks of tomorrow, solid, liquid, hot, or cold gustatory experiences that will delight the senses worldwide. From its Drink Design Center to its pool of Drink Design Ambassadors, through its strong brands, the Group's conquest apparatus is endowed with a unique strength: to showcase the talent of bartenders and baristas to create endless intense, surprising, and memorable emotions.

Source: Maison Routin

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